Written Statement

The Written Statement or Mobile Home Act Agreement is the key to your rights whilst living on a Residential Park Home Estate.

It is key that you have this information prior to putting a deposit on a show home or before ordering a bespoke home. Being a member of the BH&HPA we are given advice on how to deal with the paperwork surrounding the Written Statement. However, we have taken this a step further introducing our own best practice to the way we deal with our customers making it 100% transparent and as simple as possible.

Our process starts with a plot diagram. All diagrams are prepared using graphical software and depict a plot, to scale, to an accuracy of +/- 5cm. The plot diagram allows the customer to see what they will be buying and allows us to calculate exactly what size of home can legally be placed on that plot. It is also a legal requirement of the Written Statement to include a plot diagram, however it does not need to be to scale as per our exacting standards.

The next step is to produce a Written Statement for a plot and a specific model of home. All our Written Statements are produced as a booklet and in colour. All documents are produced in duplicate by computer to ensure they are exactly the same. The only items that will be hand written are dates and signatures. It should be noted that a Written Statement is not required to be given to you 28 days in advance, if you are reserving a plot while you make the decision on which home you would like.

When the customer receives the Written Statement they will also be given Form A. This is a receipt to confirm that the customer has received the Written Statement on a specific date.

The laws say the customer should have 28 days to read the Written Statement and fully digest its content. We generally find that customers only require a couple of weeks to do this, although in all cases we agree to hold the plot for the 28 days while they are reading the agreement. If a customer would like to place a deposit within the 28 days then they must also sign Form B, which acknowledges they did not require the full 28 days to read the agreement.

It is only after 28 days, or Form B has been signed, that we take a deposit from a customer. We prefer to wait until the customer is 100% happy with their decision to live on a Pine View Park, and that they understand the home’s specification and national Written Statement.

Our belief in this trust between the customer and the Park Management will be long repaid and act as the foundations for a successful and friendly park. This process also ensures that there are no shocks along the way and as a result it is very rare that customers ask for their deposits to be refunded.

Obviously as part of our commitment to best practice, we are constantly reviewing our processes to ensure they are ahead of current standards.

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