Park life

Love life in a true community

Park Home Life offers you the opportunity to live in one of five superior residential parks in the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bedfordshire. Exclusively designed for people aged 50 and over, our homes and parks are painstakingly constructed and maintained, and give a great sense of community to all residents.

So what’s daily life really like in one of our parks?

Come and find out for yourself – we’d love to show you around, plus you’re bound to meet a friendly resident or two who’ll be happy to chat!

What our residents say

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It’s good to feel part of a community

With over 50 years’ experience in creating comfortable, elegant park residences, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of all our homes. But our residents’ peace of mind and sense of wellbeing doesn’t stop at their front door – or even at the border of their private garden.

What makes Park Home Life so special is the friendliness you’ll feel the minute you go through the gate of any of our parks. These are places where like-minded people enjoy each other’s company as well as lending a helping hand whenever needed. So if you move into one of our new homes you’ll also move into a warm and welcoming new community…

Safe, secure & supported

As well as being friendly places, our parks are also extremely safe and secure.  Several of our parks have a friendly, park manager to watch over things. Remember that our parks are specifically designed for like-minded over 50s who are attracted by the cleanliness of the park, respect for each other and a real community spirit.

All our parks are well supported by off-site facilities in nearby towns and villages such as shops, pubs and local libraries. So although you’ll enjoy tranquillity, space and pleasant views, you’re never too far from essential services such as a doctor’s surgery.

What’s happening on our parks?

What you need to know

Park life vs bricks and mortar

Our parks provide a new way of living for the over 50s community without sacrificing any of the modern comforts of new build housing standards. And compared to retirement apartments or bungalows, you’ll save money to spend on living life to the full.

Park safety & security

As well as being friendly places where neighbours look out for each other, our parks are made even safer and more secure thanks to a friendly, site manager who’ll watch over things. So you can enjoy a care-free lifestyle and complete peace of mind.