Design your own home

Dream of designing your own home? We’ll make it happen

At our five residential parks across the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bedfordshire our residents are enjoying life in cosy, new homes in a tranquil, rural setting with a real community spirit.

Keep your eyes open as these parks regularly have ‘stock homes’ available for reservation and immediate occupation. But although no two homes are ever the same, the real icing on the cake for your new care-free lifestyle is to let one of our manufacturers help you design a bespoke home of your own. That’s why, from time to time, we release plots for a new home of your choice. So if you want something special, talk to us!

“We believe that the homes on our parks will sell themselves, so there is no need for a hard sales pitch.”

How it works

Although our extensive range of park homes suits all tastes and budgets, it’s surprisingly easy to tailor your new home exactly to your taste and requirements. We work with our manufacturers to ensure that your aspirations and specifications can be met, right down to the position of doors, windows, sockets and switches, to create your perfect home.

Consider the plot

Visit the park. Which way does the sun rise and set? Study a floor plan: do the bedrooms back on to the garden or on to the road? There are many different considerations to take into account and once you have decided on your plot, and you have a price for your chosen home, reserve it before someone else does!

Decide what you need

Visit the park at different times of the day to see if everything feels as good as it did before. Decide whether you prefer a more secluded corner plot, or a space right in the heart of the development. Make an appointment to meet us at the park and we can advise you on your options and the unique benefits of each plot.

Work with our partners

Here’s where the real fun begins… Once you’ve secured the plot of your choice, we’ll suggest a number of home types that would suit the size and shape of your plot. We work with all the major park home manufacturers and each of their home models can be altered and tailored to fit with your exact specifications.

Design the interior

Now make time to talk directly to our manufacturer’s design team. We’ll be delighted to join you at the manufacturer’s facilities and help you design your new home. During the visit to the manufacturer you have the opportunity to tweak the layout of the rooms in your home until it is perfectly suited for you.

What about features?

You can choose the colour and finish of the exterior of your home – either traditional paint or a low-maintenance ‘Canexel’ engineered wood cladding with a 10 Year warranty. Inside, each new home comes with furniture to match all tastes, while some manufacturers will let you select the furniture for each room from a choice of available styles.

Delivery & installation

Once manufactured, your home will be delivered to the park and installed to a high standard on your plot. We can offer free accommodation* for you on the park, allowing you to start meeting the neighbours before your new home arrives. We may even be able to fast-track you into the manufacturer’s timetable to cut waiting time.

*Free accommodation subject to availability.

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