Park Homes are becoming a popular choice with people aged 50 and over. There are many reasons as to why someone would choose to move to one of our parks, but there are some common themes that run through many of them.

Here are some of the advantages to moving into a park home.


For many couples, when their children have moved out of the family home the house can seem empty and a little large to manage. There is often a desire to move into a property that is smaller and easier to manage. Our park homes are all one storey, meaning that they are perfect for those couples and individuals thinking about downsizing and looking for a property that they will be able to live independently in, well into their older age. Although the park homes are smaller than your large family home, they are well designed to maximise space and storage and all of our homes come with adjacent driveways and garages.

Releasing Equity

Moving into retirement can be an exciting time for many couples. The freedom of having more time to spend together and taking part in activities that they enjoy is one of the major highlights of retirement. But for some, most of their savings are tied up in their property. By selling the family home and moving into a park home, equity can be released, allowing for more disposable income to spend on the things they love.



Friendships and companionship are incredibly important for our wellbeing, regardless of our age. However, as you move into the second half of your life the importance of having good people around you increases. Not only does a park home community gives you access to a community hub with many different events taking place throughout the year, but also neighbours that you can build up a friendship with. Many of the people on the parks are fully or semi retired and will often find similarities in their hobbies, past work lives and the activities that they enjoy.

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