As you have possibly read we are publishing a guide each day this week to help you celebrate VE day 2020.  Many of you may have already planned what you were going to do on this day before these difficult times came.  We want to make sure that everyone has a cracking say with an amazing celebration to boot.

If you were thinking of celebrating with neighbours, as we all do on a Thursday when we clap for the NHS, just as long as social distancing is adhered to, there shouldnt be an issue with celebrating at a distance, perhaps in your front garden or over the fence in your rear garden but it will be a day to remeber, never to repeated and will go down in history as perhaps one of the most difficult celebrations ever held.


So lets make a start.  Today we are looking at bunting making.  This can easily be done with things around the house, easy to find and easy to upcycle so ….. here we go


For the bunting

you will need

(and yes we did made it as well to show you just how easy it can be).  Just got to finish it off but hey we have all week

Old material for the flags – this could be curtains, an old shirt, quilt cover, sheet etc.

Sharp scissors

String, garden twine or ribbon

needle and cotton


its a lot easier to collect everything together before you begin.  It is even easier if you have a sewing machine


How to make 

  1. Firstly measure and draw a triangle onto the card to use as a template             .
  2. Place the card onto your chosen fabric – and draw around using a pen.  Its always best to do this on the reverse side unless you use a pen which is easy to rub out. Repeat until you have drawn quite a few triangles.
  3. Cut out each triangle                                                                                    
  4. Fold the top edge of each triangle over the string or ribbon that you have chosen and pin in place. 
  5. Stitch in place at equal intervals along the string or ribbon
  6. Choose your place to hang your bunting.

Watch this space to see our finished bunting later in the week.


Happy creating

Helen x