We look back at a few of the celebrations that took place on VE Day 2020 on one of our parks with social distancing of course.

The weather was great, the preparations began and the day was a fantastic success for all.  From afternoon tea, sandwiches, music and a drink to toast, this special day was celebrated throughout the country to remember this auspicious day over 75 years ago to mark the end of the day in Europe.  Our residents definitely marked it with a day to remember.

The planning had taken place during the week before, with neighbours liaising over the schedule for May 8th and on the day itself the preparation even included the measuring of chairs at 2 metres or more apart, with military precision.

The music was put together for all to enjoy and the dancing at a distance went down very well to the enjoyment of all that attended.

Take a peek at photos below.  We also had our very own Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company Beat.  See if you are able to spot him.

After all, the sharing of time, enjoyment of neighbours and coming together of our residents, is what our parks are all about.