Many of the residents who purchase park homes are looking to either fully or semi retire and downsizing their home is one of the ways in which equity can be released from the existing home in order to allow them to fund their retirement.

When it comes to enjoying your retirement there are many different things that people need to consider and most of them are common across the board and considerations that we see on a daily basis. These can include


This covers everything from ensuring that your pensions plans are all in place right through to looking at options to release equity in your existing home. This is one of the many reasons that people look at our park homes. The release of equity then allows for the funding of additional holidays that the individuals may want to take or annual cruises and other dream holidays. For some this may be the purchasing of a mobile home or caravan that they can tour the country in. Our parks all have access to storage for these kinds of vehicles as well as adjacent driveways and garages to all the homes.


During our working lives we build up many routines surrounding or work and leisure time and retirement can throw these into a spin. It is worth considering all of the time that you will have available to you after retirement and look at activities that you may want to take part in. Our parks have vibrant communities and there are often activities taking place in the community hubs that cover everything from craft groups through to neighbourly meetings for coffee and cake.


Social support in retirement is one of the key factors in enjoying this period of your life. For some, the lack of direction and routine that a working life brings means that keeping your mind active and spending time with others becomes important. The sense of community that comes from living on one of our parks is another big reason as to why people looking into this community style living



Companionship comes in all shapes and sizes and includes pets of all types. Pets not only provide people with love and affection they can also be a source of comfort and dogs in particular become a great way to keep yourself active with their dai;y walks. We value the importance pets bring to people’s lives and as such are pet friendly across all of our parks.

If you are considering looking into residential park homes take a look here at our Orchard Park location.