tewkesbury abbey

Tewkesbury is a town that is nestled next to the River Severn just a short drive from our Orchard Park site on the outskirts of Gloucester. The town is thought to be one of the oldest settlements in the United Kingdom and is known for the park it played in the War of the Roses and the status of the abbey that proudly lies on the entrance to the town centre.

Tewkesbury has been a popular location to visit since the Victorian times and the architecture has changed very little since these early times with the lack and white mottle and daube exteriors prominently on display as you walk through the town centre. If you are considering a visit here are some of the key places that you may want to look out for on your tour of this incredible town.

The Black Bear

The Black Bear pub started serving drinks to the locals back in 1308 and is the oldest pub in Gloucestershire. It is still going strong today and a visit to Tewkesbury isn’t complete without a photograph outside this beautiful pub and perhaps a drink or two inside.

The Roses Theatre

The theatre has many different events scheduled throughout the year from comedy and dance performances to an annual pantomime. Many well known names have appeared in one production or another and Eric Morecambe visited the theatre often and it was on the Roses stage that he performed for the last time, having a heart attack during his performance. A conference room has since been named after this influential man and a single red rose is placed on the door on his anniversary of death.

Tewkesbury Abbey

The abbey stands proudly in the town and has Norman church parts that date back as far as 1100. It was affected heavily during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries with damage occurring to its structure and some of the bells being melted down to their component metals.

Tewkesbury Royal Hop Pole Hotel

The Hop Pole was immortalised in the Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers and draws in many visitors each year. The town was also frequented by Shakespeare and the play Richard III looks at the significance of the War of the Roses which major battle took place on the outskirts of Tewkesbury.

Tewkesbury Festival

Each year the Battle of Tewkesbury is commemorated with a reenactment of the battle as well as a festival of jousting and archery. The entire town gets into the spirit of the reenactment by displaying the colours of their favourite knight outside their homes. It is an annual event that continues to draw in more and more visitors.

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