Our final look back this week is regarding the dress of the day from 1945.  There was obviously a distinct way that people dressed from the era and especially after rationing that they were following during the war and also for a few years after the war.

Street parties were the time that the people of the time wanted to celebrate after many years of lockdown, perhaps fear and also restrictiveness now at an end, so this was a time to let their hair down and party and some did begin on May 7th as soon as they heard and before the official celebrations began.

Fashion for women of the time


Possibly the most iconic of the era was the headscarf that the land girls wore although they were amazing and could be worn by yourselves this Friday. Follow the youtube video below to find out how to make this amazing look


If the woman in your life wanted to have a hairstyle to die for and not cover it up, it would have been very sleek with sexy curls and long and wavy like the photo below that we currently came across.

1940's Hairstyles for Women | 1940s hairstyles, Vintage hairstyles ... (photograph courtesy of Google free images)

Clothing worn by women for an event such as a street party was poodle skirts, petticoats, cardigan sweaters, and saddle shoes with bobby socks.

See what they looked like below and you never know you might find something similar to wear this Friday.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy the day but dress the same too.  Even our own Queen was photographed in a poodle skirt looking very glam

LIFE | Young queen elizabeth, Princess elizabeth, Queen elizabeth     Saddle shoes and bobby socks! | Saddle shoes outfit

Bobby socks and saddle shoes. (photograph courtesy of Google free images)


So now for the man in your life

Mens Fashion of 1945 

If your man was part of the Forces their attire would have been uniform whether home guard, army, navy or airman.  If they weren’t or didn’t want to wear their every day gear, you would see trousers that were woollen or herringbone, shirts with pullover vests,

1942 Men's casual trousers Lets see how many men might be able to find a pair of these in the back of their wardrobes. and after all they always say that fashion does repeat itself so these may have been worn again in the 60’s!


Now you have everything you will need to celebrate in style tomorrow and you know how to make bunting, how to dress, and how to celebrate during the day, we hope you have a splendid time, although different to how we all imagined and we thought we would share with you a great website to find out more about this day that was the end of the WWII 1945.  it makes for great reading.  Jut cut and paste into your web browser to find out more



Happy VE Day 75 year anniversary this Friday May 8th 2020, whatever you might find yourself doing.

Stay safe x