On Day 3 we turn to food food glorious food.

It might be that you are looking at a full blown authentic meal on the VE day celebrations of May 8th and would like to eat dripping sandwiches, Corned beef hash, faggots with onion gravy and mash or Liver casserole finishing with an egg-less fruit cake (quite apt at the moment as eggs seem difficult to come by at present)  but we wanted to be more patriotic and more traditional (and not so rationed) when we suggest an easy to make, full blown afternoon tea.

NOW you can either go down the route of cheating and buy it all in.  We hear that there are many places that are currently delivering OR with time on your hands, why not make your own.

For a full blown traditional afternoon tea (and we are giving you plenty of time to shop at a distance, order online or see what you already have in!) and prepare in advance.  So here we go…….

The Most Traditional Afternoon Teas In LondonYou will see from the image that your best china is very important so dust off the cobwebs and see what you have.  You may have downsized but I bet you have kept your most beautiful china cups, saucers and tea pot.  Don’t worry about the sugar bowl so much, or the silver spoons, it’s the cups and saucers that count.  You may have a lovely cake stand or plate which will be ideal so go for it.

A selection of sandwiches.

These can be of any bread type with any filling but the most traditional are smoked salmon with cucumber (if you don’t have smoked, tinned is just as good and remember its for you and not a paying guest).  Alternative traditional fillings can be made up of egg and cress, ham and even paste (cheaper option and very WWII – like)  And always remember to cut the crusts off the sandwiches and either cut into finger sized bites or triangles for daintiness.

Scones with jam and fresh cream. – Clotted is always the best and most authentic if you are able to get this.

We have shared with you previously an amazing recipe for lemonade scones.  If you missed it, here it is again and great results each and every time.

Here we go….

175 ml double cream

175 ml lemonade – not diet

400g Self Raising flour



Sieve the flour 3 times,

Gradually add the lemonade and the cream until a soft dough is formed.

Pat out the dough on a floured board to 3/4 inch thick and use a cutter to cut out and place on a baking tray evenly spaced apart.

Brush with milk

Cook for 12 – 15 mins on a medium to high heat (only you know your own oven for this setting), remove and cool

Then all you need to do is decorate.   These can be made in advance and placed in an airtight container until Friday.


Now for the Table……

We are all hoping for pleasant weather this Friday although I think it may be a little cooler but what could be more enjoyable that setting up you garden furniture on your front garden and decorating the table for the two of you.  Find out your best table cloth and the flowery the better….. in keeping with the era and feel of 1945.  May be get a peg or two just to hold down said table cloth to avoid losing your best china if the wind picks up.  Find out a couple of chairs or deckchairs find out some flowery cushions too.   This can all be found out in advance to avoid un-necessary hassle on Friday.  It would be amazing to see some of these amazing tables set with bunting and these can be shared on our Social media at https://www.facebook.com/ParkHomeLife/

or even send to our email sales@parkhomelife.com

We will be displaying the best of the best with a gift to follow.

Happy designing, making and look out for our top tips on dress and hair tomorrow…