We can all certainly remember those famous words “Get down shep” and “a saggy, old cloth cat, baggy and a bit loose at the seams” and both of these conjure up warm sentiments from our youth.  Pets are a definite must in our lives and promote well being, happiness and contentment, as well as being our faithful friends.  Even back to medieval times, although pets were very scarce, people in the middle ages, knew the importance of their furry friends.


Although the companionship of pets has changed over many years, domestic animals have always been an important part of many peoples lives.  Here at Park Home Life, we understand the relationship that our 4 legged friends, whether cat or dog, can have and that is why we embrace this importance and welcome 2 domestic animals to reside with you on our parks.

All animals are all well behaved and make up a part of of the ever growing social communities.  So whether you have a “Shep” or a “Bagpuss” do not fear, they are more than welcome here.