Looking after your feet in your later years

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Did you know this week is National Feet Week?

Our feet are quite remarkable. When you think about it they have to put up with an enormous amount of pressure and abuse down through the years so it is important to look after them. As you get older this care becomes more vital as good foot maintenance can keep you moving and staying active is the best way ensuring a long healthy life. This is one of the reasons why in our parks you will only see single storey homes. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful homes that allow people to stay independent for as long as possible. Why not take a look at our Gloucester Park Homes for more information. 

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Are you over 50? If you are there is good chance that on average you will have walked about 75,000 miles already. That’s about the same as walking from Gloucester to the South Pole and back 4 times! Sadly poor feet are one of the main reasons why mobility in the over 50’s can be a bit difficult. What can be done try and make sure that doesn’t happen.  Here are a few ideas. 

  1. Make sure you’ve got a decent pair of socks on. Socks are great for soaking up the moisture the feet produce. They shouldn’t be too tight though as this can cause issue with circulation. 
  2. Good shoes. Get yourself a nice sturdy pair of shoes that fit you right and that you can comfortable walk around in. Fashion is not always the answer here; it might be time to go for something practical instead.
  3. Keep your toenails tidy. It’s not the most pleasing subject to consider but if you have ragged unkempt toenails they are going to cause you a lot of issues. In growing toenails is no laughing matter and, just as bad it will ruin the socks we talked about early be making holes.
  4. Wear the shoes and socks you’ve bought! You might remember the hippies, or even been one but whilst it was ok to do a Sandi Shaw back then it’s a much better idea to stick with those purchases for the good of your feet rather than go au natural.
  5. Invest in a chiropodist. They don’t have to come every week but it might be an idea to get a good foot doctor in to give you a decent check up and make sure that there aren’t any nasty calluses developing.
  6. Foot Spas, Baths and creams. Certainly one of the easiest, and most relaxing, things you can do is buy a nice foaming foot spa. Taking a bath is ok but for a pure bit of foot pampering a nice bubbling spa is perfect. It will also set those toes and heels up for solid application of moisturiser after they’ve had a rub down with a pumice stone.

Look after those feet and they will keep on powering you through.