We wanted to move to the area to be nearer our family and could not decide where to live.    As soon as we looked at Orchard Park, it just felt right and we made a snap decision to purchase a park home there.  Helen and the staff were extremely helpful and patient, it was lovely to be able to chose exactly what we wanted even changing our minds about things at the eleventh hour.  The whole process of moving was easy and worry free, help was given in the marketing and selling of our old home.  We were given weekly updates on the progress of the sale and full checks on the purchaser to avoid any last minute problems.  Once our house was sold we were provided with free accommodation whilst waiting the arrival of our new home which helped with a smooth transition. Moving to a completely new area is daunting especially with practical things like doctors, dentist, hairdressers, local tip, leisure centre etc. it was lovely that advice was on hand for these, we were also given advice and help in the storage of our Motorhome.


One of our biggest fears moving to a new location was isolation, this has gone completely.  We have made friends on the park and there is always someone around to talk to and share a cup of tea with.  Moving to the Park was the best decision we have ever made we have a lovely modern comfortable home which we both love, and now live in a secure and close community with people around all the time. We lived in our old house for 36 years and only knew our immediate neighbours, in the short time we have lived on the Park we have met and socialised with more people than ever.   We have released equity and reduced our bills which allows us freedom to enjoy our retirement. We now live in a lovely part of the country are nearer the grand kids and are very happy.


To summarise what’s not to like, we live in a lovely home in a beautiful part of the country surrounded by like minded people and have more money in the bank. Oh and nearer the family and grand kids.

Chris and Mervyn