“video courtesy of Sounds Majestic – Youtube”

The last few days I have been woken by the morning chorus, the beautiful sounds of the wildlife that surround us and it was an absolute delight.

What ever the time of day, over the last few weeks, with the current situation we are experiencing, it has been an absolute pleasure to hear the sounds and smells of spring.  There can be nothing better than sitting in the garden, when you have 5 minutes, with a cuppa and listening to the happy, chirpy sounds of our feathered friends.

From the moment the sun rises in a morning, sharing a warm glow over our beautiful countryside, a dawn chorus can be heard.  The sound of chirping resonates around every nook and cranny, every bird table in every garden and every tree in every field.  In fact anywhere where there is an area to perch and sing .  What a wonderful way to begin the day.

During the day, sitting in the awakening spring garden and with the dancing suns rays and the coolness of an early spring breeze, it is a pleasure to share the space with the brightly coloured robins, bobbing along the hedge, singing to their partners as they build their nests from the dead foliage of the winter. I didn’t realise just how many varieties of birds can be heard and that most birds are territorial and return to the same gardens each year.

The smells of spring are also in the air.  The smell of blossom as the flowers burst into colour.  The smell of the spring sunshine. and the drone of the mowers and the smell of freshly mown grass.  A new year has begun and all around us is beginning to wake from it’s long winter snooze.

As soon as we are graced with the suns presence, it seems we are treated to an abundance of beautifully coloured butterflies, dancing on the wing around the spring blooms, that are now wakening from their sleep to reap the rewards of the suns rays.  The bumble bees, busying themselves and tending to the pollen and collecting the early nectar.  What an absolutely wonderful world that we live in.  Mother nature treats us to a rare treat each and every day.  The countryside is full of a colour, a renewed vibrancy and landscapes.  Through it all, I wouldn’t change a thing.


Stay Safe everyone and stay in touch

Helen xx