In the run up to Easter, it may be simpler to buy an Easter Egg for the Grandchildren, although not quite as much fun.  What could be more rewarding than spending quality time with them by creating a Egg to remember!  Plus it will keep you all occupied and the little guys out of mischief!

Follow our guide below to a perfect homemade Easter Egg

What you will need

Good Quality Cooking Chocolate – amount will depend on the size of the egg

East Egg Mould – Lakeland do the perfect one for only £3.99


Easter Chicks

And now for the Easy bit

How to make

  1.  Break the chocolate into squares and place into a heat proof bowl over boiling water.  Grandchildren to do this to ensure you do not eat!
  2. Simmer gently until the chocolate is melted.  The slower the melting the more glossy the chocolate finish.  Gives you time for a glass of wine.
  3. Remove the bowl from the heat.  Be careful it may be hot hot hot!
  4. Spoon into each half of the mould until a layer coats the mould.  Tip out the excess preferably back into the bowl and not your mouth! The grandchildren will love this part.
  5. Using a table knife, scrape around the mould to create an even finish ad smooth edge
  6. Place the mould upside down on greaseproof paper and set in the fridge.
  7. Now repeat steps 4 – 6 until a thicker layer of chocolate is created.  You could repeat point 2 if your glass is empty.
  8. Remove both halves of the chocolate egg from the mould and sandwich together careful with any left over melted chocolate.
  9. Once set decorate with the ribbon and place an  Easter chick on with the remaining melted chocolate.
  10. Put all washing up to one side for the washer up to tidy away – normally the other half!

Hey Presto your egg is created you will become the hero of your own home in the eyes of your Granchildren.