Our residents are becoming very resourceful during these trying times, with ideas such as planning virtual meetups, quizzes available on their own Facebook pages and even a live broadcast by one of our talented pianists, with residents sending in requests in advance, to ensure that their favourite songs are played during the broadcast.  This live broadcast is all held through an App that all residents have a link to, in the comfort of their own home.  They just need to make sure that they log in 5 minutes before to enable them to listen to the live broadcast for the comfort of their own home.

With two broadcasts last week, the latter session had a focus of 1972.  Residents used the power of social media to put in their requests, with over 50 comments made and requests that entailed such hits as “Tiger Feet” and “Nights in White Satin” to sing along too, have a boogie and reminisce on the times of the school disco. The feedback after was fantastic with all that tuned in thoroughly enjoying the airing.

Bob the resident who broadcasts live currently twice a week shared with us the reasoning behind this fantastic idea.

“during the lockdown, I’m using it to try and keep spirits up and contact going”


We listened in last week and must agree that this kind of virtual social gathering is certainly growing within our parks.  It was amazing to feel part of the community and with requests flying in before the broadcasts, everyone’s tastes were catered for, during the hour-long broadcast.

Bob added “no plans on a long-term strategy at this moment in time but that’s always a possibility”.  We really hope it is a long-term approach for this to continue bringing the community together on a weekly basis through the power of social media, Wi-Fi and an APP that everyone can download.

We are very much looking forward to the program this week and oh, could someone let us know the theme, so we are able to put in our requests too.