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A great community spirit. No rowdy people. And total respect for your neighbours and neighbourhood. If that sounds like you, we’d love to have you as a resident…

We’ve park homes of all sizes to suit all budgets. And with over 50 years’ experience in making you feel really welcome in your new home, read our tips on making it all possible.

Standard home or non-standard home?

Put together a wish-list and speak to a representative of the park to gain an idea as to which home style might be best to suit your needs and your budget.

Most parks will deal with all the major manufacturers. Once you have a design and budget in mind, ask to see a selection of floor plans of Standard Specification Homes which fit within your budget. You will likely find a standard floor plan which will suit all your requirements. Each manufacturer’s standard home will give you a choice of kitchen, flooring finish, curtains, bathroom, tiling, wall finishes etc – the list goes on – so you will be able to personalise your standard home.

However, with a bespoke design for your home, the world is your oyster! Imagine the home as four walls with a basic layout… then design away. This may be a more involved process but you can tweak the plan to your requirements. It may be that the standard plan only needs a slight alteration, or it could be that each and every room may need some kind of alteration. But remember this will lengthen the process from start to finish.

Find out more about our preferred Park Home Manufacturer Suppliers

Once the plan is good to go

By this time you should be well on the way to accepting an offer on your current home. Keep the park up to date with how this is going as they have as much interest in your sale as you do.

Now you have your floor plan as you need it, see if you can visit the manufacturer’s factory. Some manufacturers will bring their design studio to the park for you to help you choose but a visit to their factory is a great day out and can give you a better idea on the options available. It is always a good idea to meet a member of the sales team from the park at the factory if possible.

During this visit you will be able to finalise the floor plan and the external and internal finish of your home, but don’t worry if you do change your mind on something – you can normally have until up to 12 weeks before your home is manufactured to make any final tweaks.

Ordering your new home

Every park is different, so ask ‘When will my park home be ordered?’

Usually the order is placed on the exchange of contracts, or on completion of your current home. You will also receive a sales order form that you will need to sign and a copy of The Written Statement (The Mobile Home Act 2013). This gives you details of how you are covered by the act, your rights and responsibilities, the park owner’s rights and responsibilities, a plan of the plot with measurements, your details and the home details. This is given to you to read through and get checked over by a solicitor if you require. This will not be signed until the day that you move into your new home. You will also be asked to sign a Form A which is a receipt for the Written Statement (signed by yourself and the park representative) and on some occasions a Form B (signed again by both parties) wavering of the receiving of the Written Statement within the 28 day required period (this doesn’t occur very often). You will be given a copy of both of these to take with you.

On the day of your move, remember to bring a copy of the Written Statement and the park will bring theirs to the completion meeting. Both copies of this will be signed during this meeting by a representative of the park or park owner and a date that the agreement starts will also be written in.

Some parks offer *Free Accommodation so that you can move to the park whilst you are waiting for delivery and siting of your new park home. So if this is something you need, it’s worth checking.

*Subject to availability.

When will I be able to move into my new home?

This will depend on the park operator and the external finish of your plot. Once delivered, it will need a skirt and steps added. Some parks ask how you to choose the finish of the steps and skirt – some parks are more strict on the finish of both.

It could be that a garage or shed needs to be erected on the plot and if a driveway is offered, this may need to be laid before you move in. Your move into your new home can be anything from 2 to 4 weeks after siting.

The day your home is delivered

The day of delivery is upon you. It is well worth asking the park operator when this is scheduled so you can be there to watch. It is great to take photographs during the delivery and siting. If your new home is a twin home, it will be delivered water-tight, on two lorries and pieced together on the plot. The park will have arranged the siting or the home manufacturer will have their own team to finish the home off externally and internally. It is certainly a day not to miss!

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