Advice on choosing a park home

What makes Park Home Life so special is the friendliness you’ll feel the minute you go through the entrance of any of our parks.

These are places where like-minded people enjoy each other’s company as well as lending a helping hand whenever needed. Starting right now, with some useful advice on choosing the right home. Just follow these simple steps and a new care-free lifestyle in a warm and welcoming community is within touching distance.
Research before you buy

Ensure the park is Residential and not a Holiday Park. If you are intending to live on the park, it must be Residential as the homes are designed and built for permanent living to BS3632, where as a caravan holiday home is usually constructed to different standards to reflect its holiday occupancy.

Call the park and speak to a member of staff – find out if you are able to choose your own manufacturer and model of home on the park.

Look at the company website. Although a company are not likely publish bad reviews, see if there are any recent resident testimonials published on their website. Visit the park unannounced as well as during open day events and while there, talk to the residents who already live on the park. There is nothing better than getting an ‘on the spot’ review, and you may even be invited into a home to look around.

Make an appointment to view

Whilst there you should be able to view any homes that are for sale, even if you plan to eventually design your own. Each home is individual and will be dressed and finished in a different way. You will find that you will come away with a wealth of ideas for a floor plan, finish, decor and external features and finishing. You can either wait until an open day event, or book a personal tour of the park and the homes on a one-to-one basis with a representative from the park.

Ask the important questions

Enquire about the park’s electricity and gas arrangements – are they supplied by the park or via you own provider, and find out who has to pay for the water – is it a metered supply? Find out about the pitch fee and the pitch fee review date. Ask about the Council Tax band rate.

How do I reserve a plot?

On our own parks, when you reserve, we will hold the plot for 8 to 12 weeks whilst we work closely with your estate agent to ensure that your current home gets maximum viewings and maximum exposure from your agent, to help you sell it within the reservation period.

What is the lifestyle like?

Ask the questions before you buy… Do homes have garages? If not, are sheds allowed? Who is the oldest resident? On average how long do people stay on the park? If residents have stayed for a long time it speaks well of a park.

Are all age groups allowed to live on the park or are there age restrictions? If the response is ‘retirement only’, ask if there is a specific age limit. Are children/grandchildren allowed to stay overnight? If you’ve got a family cat or dog, ask about the park’s pet policy.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our parks have a real sense of community. If you need quiet relaxing time to yourself, you will certainly experience this, but in the knowledge that there is someone nearby to socialise with, to share a bottle of wine, or to accompany you to the gym.

Location, Location, Location

Is there a local library? Is there a milkman or paper service? Where is the nearest GP surgery? How frequent is the bus service and where does it serve? On what line is the nearest railway station? Is there a local taxi service? What is the nearest motorway junction? Is there a local shop on the park or do any supermarkets deliver to the park? These are all important questions that you should consider.

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