Buyers guide

Why buy a park home?

Have your children flown the nest? Is your current house suddenly too large? Many people find that once their children have flown the nest to attend college or begin the next chapter in their lives, they suddenly find themselves rattling around in a house that feels far too big and empty.

Customers tell us that downsizing their property and moving to a park home has provided unexpected but welcome benefits.

Are you an empty nester?

‘Empty nesters’ who find that the large family home is now just ‘too large’ discover that a park home is a  more suitably sized property. Downsizing can leave you with a healthy fund to see you through the next stage in your life. Living costs and heating bills could come down too, and with some park homes you could still have a spare room for when family members come to visit.

More free time

Spending less time looking after your house will give you more time to pursue other interests or new hobbies. Whether you’ve quilted all your life, or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school – retirement will allow you the time to try new things!

No more mortgage payments?

The number of over-50s cashing in on their homes by releasing son of its equity has hit a new record high in the UK. Downsizing could allow you to pay off your mortgage early. If you sold your current property to downsize and buy a park home you might be able to pay off your mortgage, or allow you to retire early.

Some spare money at last

Selling your home to downsize could release funds for that dream holiday or cruise you’ve always promised yourself. With no work commitments, and children all grown up, the first years of retirement offer a golden opportunity to travel the world. Whether you caravan close to home, or visit the faraway destinations you were never able to visit earlier in life, there is no better time to travel than in early retirement.

Less maintenance, lower bills

Less maintenance and lower bills. Always a great incentive to downsize… fewer rooms to clean! Modern park homes are on a single level with window and door frames made of uPVC, which only require an occasional wash-down. Some home exteriors have a low-maintenance ‘Canexel’ engineered wood cladding, which makes caring for your park home easy and stress free, giving you peace of mind that you will not be moving into a home that needs renovating, upgrading or repairing.

Live the single-storey life

Ease of access and great accessibility. For people over 50 with mobility issues, bungalow homes become increasingly attractive and manageable with ground floor living providing better ease of access. For those considering a retirement flat, a park home can offer the best of both worlds. It has the single-floor living of an apartment, but with a garden you would expect with a house.

A chance to declutter

Downsizing to a smaller property will make you realise you have probably accumulated too much stuff and give you an opportunity to declutter. Purchasing a fully-furnished park home will give you an opportunity to make your choice of kitchen styles, and select the decor and furniture for each room. You might choose to keep only the things you love and go out to buy lots of new things for your new home!