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The residents are very friendly and a few of us go out once a month which is great. We had a 'ho-down' last summer to meet a few more people on the park.

Testimonial 9

Pam and Keith Markham

Park Home life is the best option for us as it has allowed us to downsize whilst maintaining a good standard of living.

Testimonial 8

Mrs Welsh Park

We enjoy a quiet, friendly community and stunning views over fields to the woods where we can see all kinds of wildlife.

Testimonial 7

Pam and Keith Markham

It is a stress free lifestyle and like being on holiday all year round, with money to spare and enjoy after downsizing.

Testimonial 6

Mr and Mrs Graty

After selling our business and deciding to retire we found that by downsizing to a new park home, we would free up some capital to enjoy our retirement.

Testimonial 5

Mr & Mrs J. Marriot and Mrs P Massey

On retirement, having made the decision to downsize. Our new park home suited our budget, lifestyle and standard of living.

Testimonial 4

Mrs Welsh

It is stress free living. We're making a new garden and there's less to keep clean. The park is quiet and friendly... and we were able to bring our cat with us.  

Testimonial 3

Mr & Mrs R.W. Graty

Park Home life is the best ever! No rowdy people, total respect for your neighbours. The park where I live is lovely and clean, superb.

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Lesley Cooper, Hillcrest Park, West Midlands

We like the close community feeling throughout the park. Having lovely neighbours to talk to and always on hand is a lovely feeling