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Every home comes complete with a great sense of community

With over 50 years’ experience in creating comfortable, elegant park residences, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of all our homes. But our residents’ peace of mind and sense of wellbeing doesn’t stop at their front door – or even at the border of their private garden.

What makes Park Home Life so special is the friendliness you’ll feel the minute you go in to any of our parks. These are places where like-minded people enjoy each other’s company as well as lending a helping hand whenever needed.

So if you move into one of our new homes you’ll also move into a warm and welcoming new community…

Family Visiting
Friendly Environment
Enjoying Family Time
Enjoying the Outdoors
Caring for your Garden

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Residential Park Homes for Sale

Park Homes for Sale in Gloucester, Swindon and Further Afield

Choose from our beautifully designed, well-constructed homes in one of five superior residential parks in the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bedfordshire. Exclusively designed for people aged 50 and over, our homes and parks are thoughtfully designed and painstakingly maintained and offer residents a real sense of community.

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We have come a long way as a family business. The parks that we own offer
a real community spirit, so that residents know each other and never feel isolated


There are a lot of myths out
there about park homes.
So what’s the truth?

Over 200,000 people in Britain are enjoying life in a residential park home – downsizing to release equity whilst living in a beautiful, cosy home in tranquil, friendly surroundings. But not everyone’s in on the secret so, understandably, there’s a few myths going around. Here’s the truth about some of them.

Will I have to move out for a month or two each year?

No, it’s your home and community to enjoy all year round

Will my home have to be removed after 10 years?

Absolutely not, you have full Security of Tenure for peace of mind

Are park homes cold and difficult to heat in the winter?

Another no… our eco-friendly homes have natural gas central heating

Are park homes just for people that can’t afford a house?

They may be cheaper to buy, but they’re just like any other 2 bedroom home.

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